TMS Benefits

The news about this new depression treatment is beginning to spread. In addition to the ongoing research, there have been more news reports about TMS treatment for depression than ever before. There are many benefits about this new treatment for depression in the information below. Take the time to educate yourself and we would love to answer any further questions you may have about TMS.

Treatment Resistant Depression

If ways to treat depression like anti-depression medication are not working for you or presenting unfavourable side-effects, TMS non-invasive treatment may be a better fit for you.


There is no need for anesthesia or electric shocks, you may be surprised to see how simple and comfortable TMS treatment for depression is.

Minimal Discomfort

Some people report slight headaches as a result of this new depression treatment and some report nothing at all, it differs for everyone but the after-effects are minimal not to be feared.

In-House Treatment

A TMS session only lasts 20 minutes and you are able to drive yourself home or back to work straight after.

No Side Effects

Unlike antidepressants, TMS treatment for depression will not cause any weight gain, nausea, dry mouth, decreased sex drive, etc.

No Drugs

TMS treatment for depression does not require any anti-depressants or medication of any kind.