Medication Management

Our medication management depends on your individual needs and desires. Many times psychotherapy alone may accomplish the therapeutic goals. In many cases also adding psycho-tropics may accomplish a higher level of recovery. Fortunately we now have a large number of anti-anxiety medications, anti-depressant medications, mood stabilizer medications and hypnotic medications available to treat psychiatric conditions. Many of these medications are very effective and non-habit forming if used as prescribed. Furthermore, there is a great deal of individual variation in term of response and side effects.
Our staff of board-certified psychiatrists specializes in managing severe and persistent mental health conditions, including complicated psychosis, mood disorders, and substance abuse issues. We also provide help with managing children and adolescents who struggle with emotional distress and mental health challenges. We use evidence-based treatment, follow the most current guidelines, and partner with families and individuals to find the best treatment available. Although some patients may experience side effects, psychotropic medications can be a saving grace for individuals who struggle with acute and chronic mental health illnesses. We guide our clients through the treatment process and strive to provide psychoeducational resources to increase adherence and minimize potential risks and side effects.