Our Team


M.D, DAPBN, American Board Certified Psychiatrist.

Dr. Meena is an American Board Certified Psychiatrist, practicing Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry. She specializes in the treatment of Mood Disorders (Major Depressive disorders and the Bipolar Spectrum), and Anxiety Disorders (including phobias, OCD, Social Anxiety disorders). She combines her knowledge and experience with empathy and applies an integrative model of treating the mind, body and spirit for optimal effectiveness.


M.Sc (Counselling and Psychotherapy), Psychologist

Smitha has extensive experience in crisis intervention and specializes in couples counseling and family therapy. She utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy and brief solution focused psychotherapy to address stressful life events and help her clients reach their full potential.

Smitha’s preferred clinical-theoretical perspective is cognitive-behavioral therapy, brief solution-focused and family systems therapies, and she also utilizes insight oriented, reality based, existential and behavioral techniques as appropriate and indicated.


M.Sc (Clinical Psychology), Psychologist

Ananya treats children, adolescents and Adults with a wide range of psychiatric disorders at ReACH Psychiatry and Columbia Asia Hospital, Yeshwanthpur. Her special areas of interest are depressive mood and anxiety disorders, as well as child and adolescent psychiatry. She uses a holistic and integrative approach combining brief psychotherapy, lifestyle modification, and medication management to meet the needs for each patient. Ananya is willing to tailor-make her approach with each patient to suit their individual needs, she is compassionate and empathetic towards each person’s needs.

Ms Hijab Bilgrami

M.Sc Clinical Psychology (Psychologist)

Hijab provides therapy for children, adolescents and adults at Columbia Asia Referral Hospital, Rainbow Children’s Hospital and ReACH Psychiatry Clinics, Bangalore.

She is passionate about helping her clients achieve their highest potential. Her area of expertise includes working with children and adolescents with special needs, behavioural problems and learning issues.She intensively works with students providing appropriate study strategies, time management skills and dealing with stress and anxiety related to their academics. Her approach is to equip, coach, and empower parents and individuals to be powerful change agents within their family and lives.

Ms. Rachana Kulkarni

Masters from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Chicago, US.

She offers therapy for individuals, couples, and families at ReACH Psychiatric Clinics. She works with clients both individually and in groups. Rachana is passionate about helping both adolescents and adults with ADHD reach their potential, she is also passionate about working with adults experiencing anxiety and mood issues, and life stressors and transitions. Her areas of expertise with adults include addressing relationship issues, personal self-exploration and coping with life transitions. Her approach is to equip, coach, and empower parents and individuals to be powerful change agents within their family and lives.