Internship/Teaching Programme

ReACH Psychiatry is a unique, multidisciplinary, private psychiatric and behavioural health practice. We offer comprehensive and compassionate mental health and wellness services for children, adolescents and adults.

We are offering a one month internship/teaching programme for students with basic psychology experience or education.
What to expect from this internship-

  • Taking psychiatric history.
  • Identifying psychiatric illnesses and diagnosing them.
  • Basics of counselling and psychotherapy.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)- basic approaches.
  • Condition specific therapy for- Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Alcohol & other substance use disorders.
  • Client-Centered therapy techniques for- Anger management, Self-confidence techniques, assertiveness training
  • Skills based techniques for- problem solving, decision making, motivational therapy
  • Learning Relaxation training and practicing
  • Children based therapy- ADHD training, Study Skills, Learning skills
  • Testing and assessments- IQ test, SLD, Social Maturity
  • Assignments and presentations will be given and should be presented
  • Didactics, role plays and demonstration of different techniques taught

Course Structure- 5 days /week for a month. Each person will be following one psychiatrist and/or psychologists around, depending on patient availability.

Course Fee- INR 25,000/- (per person) for one month

Course Venue-

  • Columbia Asia Referral Hospital, Yeshwanthpur
  • Columbia Asia Hospital, Hebbal
  • ReACH Psychiatry and Counseling Centre, Kalyan Nagar/Kammanahalli
  • ReACH Psychiatry and Wellness Centre, RT Nagar

Contact person and number

  • 1. Ms Hijab Bilgrami, Psychologist- Ph. No- 8106722615

Email address-